Here is the 40th Reunion Committee responsible for all the work!:

Standing, left-to-right: Pat McKee Fluarty, Ted Zakany, Paul Law, Beverly Ray, Stanley Cole, Jane Jackson Law,
Dale Goins, Sandy Easterly Combs, Dorothy Flood Rapol
Seated, left-to-right: Karla Offinger Kierejto, Dee Gravitt Zakany, Jerry Combs, Tom Davis, Joy Glass Larson,
Donna Totton Stoots, Linda Gilg Coleman, Jane Jickman Hartley

Susan Dorr, Donis Toler and John Dorr

Jeff and Judy Morrison Gorsuch

Fraya Taylor Frampton and Judy Nicholson Henry

Judy Nicholson Henry, Pete Butler and Judie Loughman Erven

Penny Rose Fenton, Fraya Taylor Frampton and Judy Nicholson Henry

Judy Nicholson Henry and Pete Butler

Judy Morrison Gorsuch and Pete Butler

Judie Loughman Erven, Pat Fisher McPeek, Fraya Taylor Frampton,
Pete Butler, Judy Morrison Gorsuch and Judy Nicholson Henry

Emily Pugh and Fraya Taylor Frampton

Penny Rose Fenton, Pete Butler and Beverly Ray

Becky McDonald Tyo, Nancy Toth Starner (and others)

Bev Buchanan Sawyer and Amy Jenkins Moore

Bob Haynes, Stanley Cole and Esther Milsted Villamar

Bob Henderson, Donis Toler and Terry Russi

Dale Goins and Judy Mautz Conner

David Black

Dee Gravitt Zakany and Jerry Combs

Ellana Hawkins Lambert

Fraya Taylor Frampton and Sandy Smith Harry

Gary Buck, Linda Gilg Coleman and Peggy Gatewood Stouffer

Gobel Group

Jim Hardcastle, Carlos Allen and Marlene Ball Allen

John Jones and Donis Toler

Lincoln Elementary, Class of '58 (mostly)
Back row: Gary Buck, Jim Downing, Don Covert, John Jones, Roy Barclay, Jerry Combs
Front row: Andy Hartsook, Pete Butler, Joy Glass Larson, John Dorr, Fraya Taylor Frampton, Sandy Smith Harry, Judy Morrison Gorsuch

Karen Shelly Havens, Joyce Mayle Stevens and Dee Gravitt Zakany

Linda Arter Sowers and Ellen Riehl Blair

Lynne Nicklaus Felumee and Bob Henderson

Lynne Nicklaus Felumee, Stanley Cole, Stanley Stalnaker and Danny Gibson

Mark Lang and Jerry Combs

Judy Mautz Conner, Karla Offinger Kierejto and Bobbie Gray Hummel

Pete Butler, Fraya Taylor Frampton, Judy Morrison Gorsuch, Penny Rose Fenton and Jon Morrison

Melodie Reed Thomas (startled!)

Ms. "B" and Dee Gravitt Zakany

Judy Kussmaul Dennis, Bill and Charlene Caw Hill

Pete Butler, Beverly Ray and Sandy Addis Wood.

Peggy Gatewood Stouffer and Terry Russi

Karla Offinger Kierejto, Peggy Gatewood Stouffer and Amy Jenkins Moore

Pat Fisher McPeek, Sharon Burke Downing, Terry Russi and Penny Rose Fenton

Linda Dickson and Jo Anne Hepburn

Foreground: Richard Thompson and Cindy Gobel
Background: Jerry Howell and Ellana Hawkins Lambert

Jon and Minerva Moorehead
Jeannie Chandler Mayle (in background)

Sandy Easterly Combs

Mr. ?????, Tom Baldwin, Danny Gibson and Ms. ?????

Emily Pugh, Judy Morrison Gorsuch, Fraya Taylor Frampton and Kris Axline Swedlund

Tacey Hill Hart and Bernie Hart

Left to right: Cindy Hupp, Danny Hupp, John Jones, Kim Jones,
Mark Lang, Cindy Lang, Cindy Adams, John Adams

Just the beginning, more to come!

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