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T-Rex Software and your Website:

    Who would have guessed that everyone would be using the World Wide Web?  Not that long ago only the largest companies could afford to have a website -- now, anyone can have one.  And the cost ranges widely.

    Small companies, individuals and families now have websites that they can use to communicate with their public -- even if located all over the world.  It's truly amazing and wonderful.

    But how to have your own?  The web requires knowledge of a bunch of pretty arcane and mysterious stuff in order to do its job.  And you can either learn what all that means and how to do it yourself -- or hire someone to do it for you.  That's where we come in.

    Depending upon your wishes, we can create a website for you for a very small investment.  But, first, here are the elements surrounding creating a website:

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    1.  What to call it?

    If you want a website "domain name" (like "mywebsite.com"), you have to reserve that domain name and pay a fee to a registration service.  It's inexpensive; you can reserve a domain name for $20 per year or less.  The problem, of course, is that many domain names are already reserved by someone else, but diligence will find one for you..

    Contact us to see if your desired domain name is available (and to register it if you like).  T-Rex Software can reserve the name of your choice (as long as it's available) for whatever it costs.  Renewal is easy, too.

    And, for a small fee, we can "host" your website for you on our server.

    2.  Where to put it?

    This subject is called "hosting".  The content of your website has to "live" somewhere on the internet in order to be accessible by others.  It's impractical and quite expensive to own that resource yourself; instead, you need to rent space on a "server" to hold your content.  .

    So, hosting your website can cost anything from nothing to as much as $50-100 per month depending on several factors: how much space you need, how much traffic to your site occurs and the pricing policies of the hosting ISP.  If you want us to host it for you, it's only $15 per month.

    We can help you in several ways.  We can suggest the proper hosting facility depending on your needs and we can host your website on our servers.  It's all part of our friendly service !

    3.  What does it look like/what does it say?

    The content of your website is comprised of written text and graphical images.  And they all fit within a design that you like.  There are tools to make this process easier, but you'll have to learn a lot to use all the capabilities of your site.  Or, you can hire us to handle almost all of it for you.  You'd tell us what you have in mind, write the first draft of the text and provide any pictures you want to have there.  We'll do the design, scan the pictures (if you can't provide them computer-readable), upload the content to the space you arrange for and maintain the information for you as you wish changes to be made.

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