Installing N4DK's SteppIR 3el 6-40M Antenna

Roswell, Georgia

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Don, N4DKJim, K4DLIBob, W2WG
Don, N4HHJerry, WD4AHFChaz, W4GKF

NOTE: Here you can see that we switched the U-bolts for the boom to mast plate;
read on for more about that error!

Saturday, November 18

Weather had been poor on Thursday so all that had been accomplished was to complete the parts inventory, make a hardware store run for some extra stainless steel screws and to lay out the work for today.  One of the most time-consuming parts of the project was the preparation of the ESTs:

Each EST displays a Steppir Logo

This is one of a series of photos showing Don N4HH looking on while Jim K4DLI does all the work..

That "sandpaper" band behind Jim's left index finger has to slide into the clamp..

Don N4HH, Jim K4DLI, Bob W2WG, Don N4DK, Jerry WD4AHF, Chaz W4GKF

Don N4HH, Jim K4DLI, Bob W2WG, Don N4DK, Chaz W4GKF

The owl going up; that's one of the "trombone" elements on the roof

The owl's name?  Hoot Gibson..

This is the WRONG way;
..and I'm not about to climb the tower to photograph the right way!

From Earth to E-Layer..

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