Chaz Cone

    Hello!  These pages are devoted to my Ham Radio activities; that's me, Chaz, W4GKF.

    I've been a licensed Amateur Radio Operator since 1954; that's nearly SIXTY years as I write this (Gee, that's a looong time when you see it written down!).  Amateur Radio (called "Ham" radio for reasons lost in time) has been a most enjoyable hobby for me for all that time.  There are so many great things in my life that wouldn't have happened the way they did if it were not for Ham Radio.

    Here are some examples:

    • I wouldn't have chosen Georgia Tech for college

    • I wouldn't have discovered and schemed to work for IBM

    • I wouldn't have met my first wife and wouldn't have been a father to Deborah nor grandfather to Heather and Chelsea

    • I wouldn't have met my bride Gael and wouldn't have been a father to Kristyn nor grandfather to Spencer and Hayden

    • I wouldn't have met Ron Lorber WB4WMK without whom:
      • I wouldn't have become involved in orthodontic software,
      • I wouldn't have made dozens of lifelong friends in the orthodontic profession

    • I wouldn't have led an expedition to an uninhabited Caribbean island

    • I wouldn't have met Jim Whitmire KD4M without whom:
      • I wouldn't have had the courage to leave IBM after 22 years,
      • I wouldn't have had the opportunity to start my own orthodontic software business and provide jobs for forty employees and work product to over 1,100 clients

    • I wouldn't have met scores of other Ham Radio buddies over the years

    • I wouldn't have had countless hours of pleasure talking with hams all over the world

    So, if it weren't for Ham Radio my entire life would have been significantly different -- and it's been pretty darned good!

    My plan for this page is to chronicle highlights of my Ham Radio career; I promise some interesting stories and, just maybe, reading about my experiences will help someone.


    What is Ham Radio anyway?

    How I got started in Ham Radio

    Ham Radio and High School

    Ham Radio and College

    Ham Radio and the '60s

    Ham Radio and the '70s

    Ham Radio and the '80s?!?

    What happened to the '90s?!?

    Ham Radio in the 21st Century

    73, Chaz W4GKF
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