Program:  Optimizing Antenna Selection without Modeling

Presented by:
Hal Kennedy, N4GG

Hal is a member of the SEDXC and has accomplished a lot since he was first licensed in January 1961.  He received a BSEE degree from Lafayette College and an MS in Management from the Sloan School at MIT.  He holds an Amateur Extra Class license as well as a First Class (now General) Radiotelephone Commercial License.  He has retired from his professional life as an executive with 30+ years in the aerospace industry.  He consults to the electronics industry and enjoys writing for a variety of ARRL publications including QST, NCJ, The ARRL Antenna Handbook and the ARRL Handbook.

Chasing DX and contesting from 1.8 to 50 MHz with CW, his preferred mode, keeps him busy.  Although he says he doesn’t chase awards he has accumulated many.  They include: DXCC Honor Roll: Mixed/Phone/CW, 9-Band DXCC/WAS/WAC, 5BWAZ, WPX Award of Excellence w/160 endorsement, A-1 Op, VUCC, and a QST Cover Plaque.

If Hal isn’t chasing DX, he sometimes is DX.  He has operated as PJ2/N4GG, PJ4/N4GG, TI5/N4GG, HP/N4GG, PJ4R, PJ4O and VP2MHK.  He still collects paper QSLs and has 150,000 QSOs in the LOTW.

Some say an engineer is never idle and Hal is a good example of that.  Besides the consulting work, he’s interested in designing and building.  Many will remember the authentic 1910 ˝ KW synchronous rotary spark gap transmitter he made and presented in 2010.  It has been shown twice at Dayton, at Ham Jam and numerous club meetings.  He adds that for now, 'Blue Lightning' on-the-air skeds are not available.

This is just a summary of N4GG’s ham radio life.  If you would like to know more you can check his page or just have a conversation with him.  We are fortunate to have a ham like Hal in our SEDXC membership.

Can we choose which is better; a two element yagi at 50 feet or a four element yagi at 30 feet, without resorting to antenna modeling?  Hal says we can.  We are looking forward to hearing his presentation, “Optimizing Antenna Selection without Modeling.”