From time-to-time, programs are presented at SEDXC meetings that members might like to review at their leisure.  Most such presentations are prepared using Microsoft Powerpoint.

Many members don't have the Powerpoint program installed on their computers -- but don't worry.  Microsoft has a Powerpoint viewer for Windows at no charge.  If you don't have Powerpoint, just click HERE to download the installer for the free viewer.  Once downloaded, double-click it to install.

Don't know if you need it?  Just try to click on a Powerpoint presentation below; once you downloaded it and double-click it, if your computer knows how to open the file, you have Powerpoint installed.  If not, download the installer and install ppviewer.

If you have a Mac and iWorks, you can use Keynote to view any Powerpoint presentation.  There's (allegedly) a free Powerpoint view for the Mac but I've been unable to install one.

General instructions on Powerpoint viewing Once the presentation is running, slide transition is either managed automatically by the presentation creator, or requires you to use an arrow key to go forward and backward.

There are other ways to navigate, but it's easiest to imagine the slides organized vertically in a column.  Use your down-arrow to go "down" to the next slide.  If you want to go back "up" to the previous slide, use the "up" arrow.

August 2008: Hal Kennedy, N4GG presents the K9AY receiving antenna and how to build yours.  Click HERE to download. (10MB)

Bonus!  Hal prepared a nine-minute video showing how his K9AY antenna performs; it's a must-see.  Click HERE.