Operating site at PJ2T

This is the second SEDXC contest expedition to PJ2T. The first was in 2009 and you can see it HERE.

Again, as in 2009, we were lucky to secure the famous high-scoring PJ2T site in Curaçao. This location has been responsible for hundreds of thousands of contest Qs over the years -- we hope to add a few more.  Their website has TONS of information; check it out at www.pj2t.org.

The mission (beyond trying to win the darn thing!) is to have fun and to advance operator skills.  There's nothing like being DX to gain appreciation for those who are trying to work you.

But, mostly, it's about FUN!

The wonderful PJ2T facility is outfitted with radios, amplifiers and antennas galore as well as Wi-Fi; perfect!  The team will be in two rented houses just a few clicks down the road from the PJ2T station.

The call went out in the fall of 2016 for those who wanted to be a part of this trip and it didn't take long to get the positions subscribed.  Here's the team:

AE4CW - Chuck Catledge

K1ZN - Jeff Cantor

K4NHW - Nathan Wood

K4UEE - Bob Allphin

KI4DSO - George Lane

KJ4CNC - Ralph Pickwick

KJ4PQV - Jenna Maro

KM4LS - Bill Ronay

N4GRN - George Nicholson

ND4V - Mike Weathers

PJ2DX - Geoff Howard

W4KLY - Paul Kelley

W6IZT - Gregg Marco

WA4ZXV - Norm Schklar

WK4U - Tim Lemmon


Here's the T-shirt Chaz W4GKF designed for the team:


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