Program:  Generators: Their Care & Feeding

Presented by:
Carter Bennett, K4CB

As the winter months approach us, we should be thinking about maintaining our communications capabilities during heavy snow and ice storms.  Well for that matter, even in the best of the summer months with electric storms we still need to maintain our communications capability.  So this month our program will be presented by Carter Bennett, K4CB on the how to (and how not to) install, maintain, and operate a home generator and a field installed generator.

Carter will impart his many professional years of experience gained from installing generators and the care and feeding of the critters.  Most of us are not looking at installing a 150kw diesel generator but a nice 2.5 to 5kw gasoline generator might just be enough to keep the shack powered, the wife and kids warm, and the wine/beer cooler at the proper temperature.

Sounds simple but as Carter will explain to us, there are little facts that will make a generator installation safe and provide reliable power to our homes (most importantly our ham shacks) and our DXpeditions.