Program:  Spectrum Analysis

Presented by:
John Stanley, K4ERO


K4ERO replaces a vacuum capacitor in the
matching/phasing network for his 6-element

John Stanley, K4ERO, will present the latest information about how to make your computer serve as a high capability spectrum analyzer and band monitor.   He will bring I/Q files recorded during some of the recent contests that allow you to replay a 96 KHz wide swath of your favorite band on your computer and to copy each signal, complete with variable BW filters, CW/AM/SSB and other decoders, and complete spectrum analysis clearly demonstrating who has rotten "key clicks" and who doesn't.   You can also see and "test drive" the amazing CW skimmer that can decode hundreds of CW signals simultaneously and list all copied calls on the screen along with received text.   Hardware for making your computer do the same tricks at home will be shown and demonstrated.   Since John is a cheapskate, all of the above is either free or available for under $100.

After a lecture/presentation, John will provide several activity centers with laptops running the software, and real hardware for you to examine, along with complete documentation.   Those bringing their own laptops or memory sticks will be provided all the files related to the above activities.   CDs will also be available.   Several recent QST/QEX articles related to the above will be provided in PDF format.

John is an ARRL technical adviser, broadcast engineer and educator, and has operated from a dozen DX locations in a 40 year career.   His wife Ruth, WB4LUA will accompany and assist John in the presentations and demonstrations.  John and Ruth live on Lookout Mountain in Walker County, Ga.