Program: ARRL DX-CW 2007 - HP1XX

Presented by:
Hal Kennedy, N4GG

Hal, N4GG and his annual ARRL DX-CW contest traveling companions W9RE, N5OT, and W4OC headed this year to HP1XX for a try at a third world M/2 championship in a row.  Find out how they did!

Hal will be describing the team’s “Troubles in Paradise,” on Contadora Island, thirty miles south of Panama City in the Pacific.  Contadora Island is part of the Pearl Islands Group, hideaway home to the rich and famous, and more lately “spoiled” according to the natives because some segments of the Survivor TV series were filmed in the Pearls, or Las Perlas as they are known locally.  The team arm-wrestled Murphy eighteen hours a day for the four days leading up to the contest – then for another 48 hours as they ground through the contest running as little as 40 watts at times.  Hal will briefly discuss Panama and the Pearl Islands, then cover the set-up and troubleshooting of a fully automated three-transmitter contest station in a paradise setting, far far away from the nearest Radio Shack.