Program:  Remote Ham Radio (RHR)

Presented by:
Lee Imber, WW2DX

Lee Imber, WW2DX, will be our featured program. Lee is one of the movers in the Remote Ham Radio arena. He will describe the operations that are active and list those that are pending. He will also give us a video tour of one of the Remote Ham Radio sites.

The ARRL released its statement on how it will work with DXCC contacts made using RHR.  CQ Magazine also has formulated the rules for some of their awards and it seems they are making room for this kind of activity.  Lee will be able to explain to our members how it will work in more detail.  For more information visit  The presentation is NOT a solicitation by the SEDXC for anyone to purchase or make any agreements with RHR.  The aim of inviting Lee to make the presentation is to better inform our DX community with current activities and directly from an organization that is providing a service.  It is noted from recent news that W8JI's station will be among the list of RHR facilities.

WW2DX Lee Imber
Team: North America 2 WRTC 2014
Country: USA

Age: 40
Occupation: Network Engineer

Lee was licensed in 1987 at the age of 12.  First callsign was KB2CLQ then KF2PC in 1995.  He has been active and tried just about everything there is to try in the hobby.  Lee is very active DXing and Contesting from around the world.

Lee's background is in network infrastructure and security working for companies like Xerox, BBN, GTE Internetworking and Genuity.  In early 2001 he joined a startup company called Glance Networks that was an early pioneer in screen sharing technology.  Since then Lee has participated in a number of entrepreneurial ventures in real estate, network security consulting, and tower/antenna installation.  He is co-founder of  When Lee is not playing radio he is spending every available minute with his wife Andrea and two daughters, Avery and Lea.