Program:  DXpedition to VP8ORK - South Orkney

Presented by:
Wes Lamboley W3WL and George Nicholson N4GRN

          Wes W3WL

        George N4GRN

The Microlite Penguins DXpedition team activated the South Orkney Islands (DXCC VP8/O, IOTA AN-008) from January 27 to February 8, 2011.  Activity was on all HF bands 160m-10m using SSB, CW and RTTY.

Operators were be K9ZO, ND2T, 9V1YC, KĜIR, N1DG, NĜAX, W3WL, N6MZ, I8NHJ, N4GRN, WB9Z, W7EW and VE3EJ.  This was the team's fourth time activating an entity in the Antarctic region and fifth DXpedition overall.  You may recognize most of the callsigns from the group's past operations, but we added several new members to the team, all of whom have been on DXpeditions to some of the world's rarest entities.

Those who have enjoyed our operations over the last eight years may recall that our methods and philosophy are somewhat different from other DXpeditions.  Though our overall goal is still to provide a new DXCC entity on as many bands and modes as possible, we also strive to increase the fun factor by focusing on operational simplicity and radio skill.