Program:  The K4M Midway DXpedition Video

Presented by:
Wes Lamboley, W3WL

If you are fan of James Brooks, 9V1YC, DXpedition videos, than you are going to want to see this one!  We've already had the honor of Tom Harrell, N4XP, presenting his account of the DXpedition to the Club, but the video from James is icing on the cake.  Tom is also featured in the video, along with other members of the Dxpedition and several US Fish and Wildlife personnel.  This video is probably James' best video yet, which is saying volumes.  As in all of his videos, James provides you with great cinematography of the island, its history, wildlife and the story of the DXpedition.  However, James uses a different style in this video, which makes it all the more effective.  The below information is from James' web site:

Midway Atoll -- Stepping Stone of The Pacific

Well known as a World War II battleground, a military base and a trans-oceanic fuel stop, today Midway has an entirely new purpose.  Managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service this ancient volcanic atoll is now a national wildlife refuge and gateway to the remote Northwest Hawaiian Islands.

Thousands of people once worked on Midway, but today only a handful of dedicated staff and volunteers remain.  Their ongoing mission is to bring the atoll back to its natural state and maintain a precious national monument.

Working closely with Midway's new caretakers and mindful of the sensitive environmental issues, this DXpedition demonstrated how Amateur Radio is now a welcome activity inside one of America’s most protected wildlife reserves.