Program:  Simulating Antenna Matching

Presented by:
Jim Streible K4DLI

Our program for June will be a very special one presented by Jim Streible, K4DLI.  You may not be aware of it, but Professor Streible is the president of and has been optimally matching antennas, feedlines and transmitters since 1955.  Jim will demonstrate simulation techniques which will give an approximate idea of the impedance of a given antenna system and demonstrate the use of a vector analyzer in determining what the actual impedance has turned out to be.  He will then show how to design an appropriate matching network using software and how to implement the network in a simple way.  Jim has some great ideas on how to house and mount such networks and will give some examples.  If time permits, he may also show how to use an analyzer to make feedlines accurately cut to an electrical length, and perhaps even discuss the use of these in stub configurations ó something good to know for Field Day, contesting, or a DXPedition.

Jim is a master craftsman in the field of ZHarmony.  Make sure you donít miss this presentation.