Program:  DXing without Sunspots

Presented by:

John Kludt K4SQC
As amateur radio operators we work distant stations by bouncing our radio signals off of something.  Usually that “something” is the ionosphere.  The development of the familiar reflective layers is dependent to a large extent on sunspots that are becoming increasingly rare.  There is another entity out there that has the capability of reflecting radio waves.  At an average distance of 237,674 miles, the Moon can be used as an effective means to work DX entities in much of the world.  The advent of JT65, written by Joe Tayler, K1JT, has revolutionized EME communications.  We will discuss some of the basics of EME communications from the perspective of a “medium sized pistol” as we all look for ways to work “DX without sunspots.”

John Kludt, K4SQC, was first licensed in 1962 as KN7SYS in Seattle, WA.  Over the years he has been active in many aspects of amateur radio including VHF/UHF, DX chasing, rag chewing, satellites and contesting as a “little pistol.”  He regularly takes to the field with the Fourlanders Contest Group.  John has been active with EME for the last three years successfully using JT65B to complete a number of contacts, most recently HSØZIL, Karsten, in Khon Kaen, Thailand.