Program:  How to work DX on 160

Presented by:
Mike Greenway, K4PI

Our speaker for the January 21, 2016 meeting is Mike Greenway, K4PI.

In Mike's words:

I first got onto 160 in the early 1980s and at that time the power limit was 100 watts due to us sharing the frequencies with LORAN navigation on that band.  I did not work much due to that fact starting off and shortly thereafter they allowed us to use maximum legal power which opened up a whole new range of countries.  I kept improving and trying different antennas to try and achieve new countries.  I finally ran out of room at my home QTH so I bought some land in a very rural setting so I could build up antennas that were limited only by my imagination.  Also I did this to improve the S/N ration due to the increase of RFI from all the new devices on the market at my home QTH in a congested neighborhood.  I am presently at 305 countries and have achieved WAZ on 160.

For more information and photos of Mike’s antenna farm check out his webpage.