Program:  C82DX - Mozambique

Presented by:
Tom Harrell, N4XP

SEDXC members K8EAB, WF4W, NF4A, N4NX, W6OAT and N4XP traveled to Mozambique in October 2013 and operated as members of the C82DX team. They will make a joint presentation about that operation.

Tom, N4XP has been on many DX operations as Team Leader or Team Co-Leader.  These include K4M, AL7EL/KH9, KH9/AL7EL, ZK1XXP, N6MZ/KH9, N2OO/KH9, N2WB/KH9 and K8XP/KH9, KH5, T32O and K5K/KH5K on Kingman Reef. Other operations include ZS/N4XP, 9M0OO, 9M6AAC, BV4FH, N4XP/V7, N4XP/KH5, T32O, KH6, V7, V73XP, HR, HP, DL, SM, ON, OK, G, N4XP/GW, GD5BBG, and N4XP/GD.

Tom also operated from KL7 for two years as AL7EL.  Current or past calls held are K4TSJ, AL7EL, W8FCI, K8XP, V73XP, ON9CXP, OK8XP and C92XP.

He is a member of the Southeastern DX Club, Dateline DX Association, Northern California DX Foundation, and INDEXA.

Here are the SEDXC members on the team:

L to R: Wey K8EAB, Rusty W6OAT, Tad WF4W, Charlie NF4A , Tom N4XP and Bill N4NX