Program:  The Midway (K4M) DXpedition

Presented by:
Tom Harrell, N4XP

Last month we were treated to a program of a past DXpedition (Navassa) located not too far off the Southeast coast of the States.

This month Tom Harrell, N4XP will provide us a program from one of the most recent (October 2009) DXpeditions, K4M.

The K4M team operated from Midway Island in the South Pacific and several of our own SEDXC members were team members of the DXpedition including Tom N4XP, Paul Newberry N4PN, Charlie Wooten NF4A, and Joe Blackwell AA4NN.  Tom as Co-leader of the DXpedition will give us our first look at the team's trials, tribulations and accomplishments in making 61,077 contacts with 18,465 unique call signs.