Program:  Linux and you

Presented by:
Tim Lemmon, WK4U

What's this FREE Linux thing all about anyway?  What can it do?  What does it look like?  How can it really save me money?  What programs can I run with Linux?  Can I still run my favorite Windows programs with Linux?

Spend an evening with the SEDXC this February and see for yourself.  Take a free CD after the meeting and try it on your own computers.  Run your computers from the Linux CD directly, or easily install Linux to your hard drive.  Even install Linux AND Windows on the same computers!

Tim Lemmon, WK4U has been fooling around with computers for about 120 years.*  He's been a ham for over 30 years and loves to mix the two technologies together for extra fun.  Recently Tim has been playing around with software defined radios, and dabbling in FM and SSB satellite communications using a hand held antenna.

(*) so who's really counting?

Tim will present an outstanding program on Linux applications for ham radio.  Perhaps he will elaborate on the recent success of running N1MM under Linux using WINE..

We've put the Ubuntu User's Guide and the Ubuntu Linux ISO file (73MB!) up in the downloads section of our website.  Check it out by clicking HERE.