The SEDXC and ClubLog

The SEDXC is registered as an official club on

Now, when SEDXC members use ClubLog (you ARE using ClubLog, aren't you?!?) the club will get credit for your QSOs and DXCC credits.

In order for this to work, each member must add the SEDXC to their club listing on ClubLog.  It's easy to do.

Don't have a ClubLog (free) account?  Here's how to get one.  Note: if you already have signed up for ClubLog, skip to Step #4 below.

  1. Go to and create an account remembering to click the button next to "Register new account".

  2. Fill out the necessary info and click the "Sign up now" button.

  3. You'll get an activation key by email; return to activate your account.

  4. When activated and you return to ClubLog, you'll see your main screen like this:

  5. On the top menu, click "Settings" and you'll see something like this:

  6. Click the "Clubs" menu button and choose SEDXC from the drop-down list:

  7. Click the "Join Club(s)" button -- you're almost done!

  8. Click the "Callsigns" button

  9. Click the "YES" radio button -- and you're done!

Remember ClubLog only updates the various leagues once a day so it may be as much as 24 hours before you see yourself in the rankings.

Problems? Questions? Click to email Bill, N4NX for help.