The good folks at the Echolink group have made it possible for us to have our own chat room on their site. We can use it anytime for any ham radio-related purpose.  You simply click HERE and log in.

You can minimize the chat and sounds will alert you when someone checks in or out or posts something.  This is great for topic discussions, DX spots and general fun.  Give it a try!


    While not required, it's a good idea to log in with your call and your name (like W4NT-Joe) so it's easier to chat with folks who may not know you.  It's all about camaraderie!

    Once you log into the chat, you will stay logged in (forever) unless:

    1. You log out or

    2. You close the browser window

    There's nothing wrong with logging in and minimizing the chat while you go about your business; just remember if you close your browser window you will automatically be logged out.

    If you find the sounds too loud, you can control them with the icon at the bottom right of the chat window.