Program:  A Double Header:

“Operating DX from Anywhere"

.. and ..

“The GQP Two-Station Flex Rover Operation”

Presented by:

Mack McCormick W4AX

Mike Roden W5JR
Mack, W4AX will demonstrate the ease of operating DX from anywhere in the world when you have a mobile phone or internet connection.  This will include using your laptop, iPad, and the Maestro as a client back to the radio.  This allows complete mobility with your radio even when you're with your wife in the mall while she is clothes shopping!

Mack was first licensed as a novice in 1968 as WN4MAK and six months later became WB4MAK.  Five years ago he received the vanity call sign W4AX.  His interests span a broad range of ham radio topics from vintage equipment through the most modern radios available today.  Operations include all modes and bands from 160M thru 23cm with particular interest in CW contesting.  His other hobby includes running rugged trails throughout the world.

Mike, W5JR, will assist Mack in demonstrating the Flex Remote operation utilizing his own home station, laptop and Maestro.  He will then take us through the design, testing and operation of the N4G/2015 and N4N/2016 dual Flex 6300 GA QSO Party rover station.  Yes, that's two, as in 'a pair' of Flex 6300 HF stations on board.  By paying attention to the details, a successful outcome can be rewarding.

Mike was licensed in 1968 at the age of 16 as WN5UOB.  Mike and his Dad, then WN5UOC, began a great hobby together.  Now as W5JR most of Mike’s HF operation is CW, concentrating on 160m CW contests plus 80 and 40M.  His mobile operation consists primarily of FM operation on 10m, 6m, 2m, 222, 440 and 927 plus the annual GQP rover outing.  Mike is the caretaker of North Fulton Amateur Radio League's seven repeaters.  During the contest "off-season", Mike enjoys playing golf with his wife, Kim, and working to lower his handicap.