Program:  K9AY Loops for Everybody!

Presented by:
Hal Kennedy N4GG

This is just the project to jump on in preparation for the upcoming 160m/80m/40m DXing season.

Would you like to hear rare (and weak) DX better on the low bands, without a major investment in gear or real estate?  It’s possible!  Hal, N4GG, will be showing (not just talking about) HOW EASY it is to build and install a K9AY loop of your own, or, if you must, buy a store-bought version and modify it for maximum performance.   Included in the discussion will be a few antenna pattern charts for those with faith in theory, and a short video (60 seconds) showing the actual performance of Hal’s K9AY loop in operation from 300 KHz up, for the “I’m from Missouri” crowd.   As time permits, Hal will also be covering performance comparisons to other low band antennas, preamp pros and cons, receiver limiters/protectors, common installation questions and considerations, and phased arrays of K9AY loops for truly stellar performance.   Everyone attending will receive (gratis) a ferrite core and the wires to wind and take home a K9AY matching transformer of their own along with the appropriate termination resistor.   The audience will be instructed on how to wind away the minutes of Hal’s droning on eloquent presentation by winding their transformer on the spot.   Warning: This exercise will deprive participants of the never-was-valid-in-the-first-place “I don’t have/understand the matching transformer” excuse to sit around and complain about not being able to hear on 160 rather than actually doing something about it.   One or more transformers will be put on an MFJ analyzer and it will be proven to all that even the “I have never built anything in my life” among us can build a K9AY loop.   Once you have the transformer there is no excuse – you must put one up.  Or more than one!