Program:  160m DXing from 7O6T in Yemen in 2012 + How to Join the Fun on Topband!

Presented by:
Jeff Briggs, K1ZM/VY2ZM

The April program for the SEDXC meeting will be a webcast presentation by Jeff Briggs, K1ZM/VY2ZM.

Jeff's focus will be about the operating on 160 meters.  He has two outstanding QTH locations, one in Massachusetts and the other on Price Edward Island, Atlantic Canada.  Check these locations and get a lot more information by looking at Jeff's website,  There you will find many things related to his 160 meter activities.  Have a listen to some of his audio files of QSOs he has made over long distances on 160.  He is widely known by those who have used and are using 160 meters.

Jeff authored the book published by the ARRL titled, "DXing on the Edge - The Thrill of 160 Meters."  The book is loaded with history of operations, profiles of hams who have excelled on 160 including some of our SEDXC members.

His presentation will also offer helpful information for those who may be interested in becoming QRV on 160.