Program:  Technology in the Ham Shack

Presented by:
Mack McCormick, W4AX

The art of communicating over long distances has sure come a long way from manís earliest mode to communicate using smoke signals to the early day of radio.  Hams have traditionally been in the forefront of communications advancements creating new communications techniques, enhancing a technique, and or adapting a technology.  Many new technologies provide the ability to communicate around the world for true arm-chair copy QSOs.

Mack, W4AX will present some of his automated enhancements used in his shack.  With a few keystrokes on a keyboard rigs, amplifiers, and antennas can be selected within seconds for optimum arm-chair operation.  Mack will explain how he has automated his station to operate either as a single radio and antenna operation to a single-operator-2-radio (SO2R) configuration using just a few keyboard keystrokes.  Mack has created the ultimate contesterís operating position.  Logbook entries, frequency (band) change agility and remote operating from almost anywhere.

The ultimate no knobs, switches, or buttons station and yet Mack can work the world.  During Mackís presentation he will have a live camera view of his station showing how he can operate remotely and rack up the QSOs.

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