Founded: 1958

Atlanta, GA  


Mike AD4MC receives a certificate recognizing his FT-8 Presentation from Dick K5TF.


    Neville, G3NUG now SK...

    Neville Cheadle G3NUG unexpectedly passed away Sunday after a knee-replacement operation.  Neville was a member of the SEDXC and friend to the DX world.

Our officers for 2017-2018

At the election July 20th, the new slate of officers was elected unanimously to a one-year term.  Please offer them your congratulations when you see them; their SEDXC badges will have a red stripe to identify them.

Click the "Club Officers" button on the left to see them.



QST QST, Southeastern DX Club member writes a book on DXing!!

Click HERE to read about it and order yours!


The monthly SEDXC meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of the month at 7:30pm.  The location is the the Rich Auditorium at Piedmont Hospital.

We park for free in the regular North parking garage. Come out of the garage, enter the 77 building, and take the elevator up to the Mezzanine to find the Rich Auditorium.  This is great meeting room with upholstered, theater-style seating.  Thanks to W4TE Dr. Jim Kauten for arranging this terrific room; see you there!


The SEDXC and ClubLog

The SEDXC is registered as an official club on

Now, when SEDXC members use ClubLog (you ARE using ClubLog, aren't you?!?) the club will get credit for your QSOs and DXCC credits/ranking.

In order for this to work, each member must add the SEDXC to their club listing on ClubLog.  It's easy to do.

Don't have a ClubLog (free) account or don't have it linked to the SEDXC Club League?  Click HERE and do it right now!

The SEDXC Yahoo Group

Join this Yahoo group for SEDXC members and others.  Just click HERE to join.

To use this group, you must only have a Yahoo ID which you can obtain there..

Yahoo Groups are very popular and are common to area clubs.  Give it a try!

The SEDXC Chat Room

We now have a new service for SEDXC members and others.  SEDXC member Mack W4AX made arrangements for the SEDXC chat room for SEDXC members and other interested hams.

The chat room requires no registration.  Just go to this page to learn more or click HERE and log in with your callsign and name (like (W4NT-Joe).

You'll be able to chat with others who are logged in.  This can be used for chatting, posting locally heard DX spots or any other valid Ham Radio purpose.  Give it a try!

Thanks to the folks at Echolink group for setting this up for us.


Powerpoint Meeting Presentations

Many of the powerpoint presentations given by guest speakers are available in .pdf form on the website.

Just click HERE to see what's there.

The Member Gallery

A bunch of new member pictures have recently been added to the Member Gallery.  If your picture isn't there, please check the page for how to submit one; we want all SEDXC members to be pictured!

March 15th

Meeting dates for 2018 are as follows:
(Click any highlighted date to see the program for the meeting)

CANCELED! February 15 March 15 April 19
May 17 June 21 July 19 August 16
September 20 October 18 November 10-HamJam December 15-Holiday Party

And, for historical purposes, click HERE for the meeting schedules from 2004 through the present.

SEDXC Officers, 2017 - 2018:

    Elected officers:

      Vice President: 
      Activities Manager: 

    Appointed functions:

      Membership Chair: 
      Bulletin Editor: 

The Southeastern DX Club usually meets at The Richard Rich Auditorium at Piedmont Hospital on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30pm.  Click HERE for directions and HERE for more information.  Please try to attend.  

Come to the meeting for a good program and fellowship with fellow DXers.  All hams interested in DX are welcome.  Bring your friends!

See you at the meetings!


The Southeastern DX Club was formed in 1958 by a group of hams in the Atlanta, Georgia area recognizing a growing need to supplement regular radio clubs with a specialized club for DXers.  If you have any interest in DX'ing, drop by one of our club meetings and check us out.

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