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It's HERE!  The K1N Navassa Island DXpedition DVD!

2014-2015 DXpedition of the Year!

I'm lucky to have participated in many DXpeditions and I'm happy to make the story of some of them available on DVD.  These DVDs are great for club meetings, introducing newcomers to Ham Radio, and gifts.  Wouldn't it be great to gift someone with a complete set?  You can purchase your copies either via PayPal (whether or not you have a PayPal account (preferred)) or via snailmail; instructions below.

Each DVD video is different, just as the adventures themselves were different. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed participating in the DXpeditions!

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The K1N DXpedition to Navassa Island

In 1961, we decided to send men to the moon -- and did it in eight years.

It took THIRTEEN years to get permission to visit Navassa Island.  During that time, Navassa climbed to the #1 Most Wanted DXCC Entity -- tens of thousands of hams worldwide weren't even licensed the last time Navassa Island was activated - in 1993.

The long road involved getting permission to visit from the US Fish and Wildlife Service because Navassa has been declared a National Wildlife Refuge.  The KP1-5 Project worked tirelessly to get permission to visit and, finally, a DXpedition was approved for February 2015.

The DVD shows the logistical challenge of moving fifteen operators and tons of gear to this small uninhabited island in the Caribbean.  It was hot work -- and expensive -- since the only practical way to get there was via helicopter.

This two-week effort paid off with 140,000 Qs and many, many all-time new ones for hams worldwide.  And that's a good thing because it will be at least ten years before Navassa will be on the air again!

Also on the DVD is a bonus; the Dayton Hamvention 2015 presentation on K1N by Bob K4UEE and Glenn WGJ.

This DVD belongs in your collection for sure!

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The FT5ZM DXpedition to Amsterdam Island

This was a truly international DXpedition with fourteen operators from eight different countries.  A seven-week adventure culminating in an amazing 170,000 QSOs from the middle of the southern Indian Ocean.  It was a long way from anywhere----the nearest ham population center was Japan at 6,000 miles away.  Europe was 7,000 miles from us and the closest North American station was 11,000 miles.  Every contact was DX!

The team challenged the Indian Ocean on the 128 ft. Braveheart, a veteran of many DXpeditions in the inhospitable Southern Ocean.  It was nine days each way and the team suffered mightily during the period of rough seas and the feeling of total isolation from the rest of the world.

The French scientific team on Amsterdam was a terrific host and we were well fed and hydrated.  They limited us to travel only during daylight hours due to the terrain and animals, so we adopted 12 and 24 hour radio shifts -- the days and nights were long indeed.  Still, the team pulled together and with true international cooperation got the job done with more QSOs than anyone would ever have expected.

The whole story is covered in the DVD up to and including the surprise ending.  This DVD details a great DX adventure, shows the dedication of fourteen diverse hams, the Braveheart crew and the members of the French scientific contingent.  All-in all -- this is one of the GREAT ones!

FT5ZM was the winner of DXpedition of the year for 2013-14.  This DVD is a perfect addition to your ham Video collection.

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Nine DXpeditions to DXCC "Ten Most-Wanted" -

3YX, Peter One -- Nearly 90,000 Qs from the bottom of the world

A52A, Bhutan -- the mysterious and exciting Kingdom nestled in the Himalayas
(footage and edited sequences contributed by James Brooks, 9V1YC)

AH1A, Howland Island -- where Amelia Earhart disappeared

K5D, Desecheo Island - So Rare, So Near, yet so Far

PJ6A, Saba - First contacts from a brand new DXCC entity

VKIR, Heard Island -- with its ominous and active volcano rising to 8,000ft

VP8GEO, South Georgia -- the final resting place of Sir Ernest Shackleton

VP8THU, South Sandwich -- nearly 30,000 Qs in a three-day, commando-like strike

VU7RG, Lakshadweep -- From the #2 most wanted DXCC entity

These nine DXpedition video excerpts tell compelling stories of fear, frustration and sheer joy as DX traveler Bob Allphin, K4UEE and his intreped teammates recount the highlights (and lowlights) of their most heralded trips, most named "DXpeditions of the Year" -- and all to the rarest-of-the-rare DXCC entities.  It's personal, emotional, humorous and sometimes frightening.  It's about ham radio but as you will see -- "it ain't all about radio".

Note: If you've previously purchased our "Seven DXpeditions of the Year" five of those DXpeditions are duplicated in this DVD.

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The 2012 DXpedition to Malpelo Island - HKNA

Malpelo Island, off the coast of Colombia in the Pacific, ranked #12 on the DXCC "most-wanted" list -- but no longer!  An international team of twenty hams from six nations made an astonishing 195,292 QSOs in fifteen days of operation.  This set a new world record for "tent and generator"-type DXpeditions.  And we were rewarded by being selected as DXpedition of Year for 2011-2012.

This near-vertical island of 86 acres represented an extreme physical challenge for the team.  Team members were winched onto the island from zodiacs and then faced a 300' climb just to get to the first operating site.  Even more challenging was the 600' vertical climb to the operating site located at the top of the 980' mountain peak.

This video captures the planning and organization phases, the non-stop pileups, humor and local animal life -- as well as incredible footage of team members climbing the mountain.  In all my experience, this was the most physically difficult DXpedition of all.

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The 2009 DXpedition to Desecheo Island - K5D

Bob K4UEE and Ed W4ZSB have produced yet another exciting DXpedition video.  In the tradition of previous video productions, the K5D Dxpedition video, entitled, "Desecheo---so rare, so near, yet so far" is full of exciting footage of the helicopter trips, the island from the air, camp set up and takedown, pileups you won't believe, an inside look into the logistics of a big DXpedition, interviews with key team members and of course, humor.

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The 2007 contest DXpedition to Guinea, West Africa - 3X5A

For the fourteenth consecutive year and from the seventh West African country, here comes the Voodoo Contest Group (often called the VooDudes) on the move again.  This time from Bamako, Mali (TZ5A). to Conakry, Guinea to operate as 3X5A.

Travel along with the team as they move their 2,000 pounds of equipment 600 miles overland with two AK-47-toting guards.  Strain along with the team and their local helpers as they put up eight antennas before the CQ World-wide CW contest in November 2007.  Hear the massive pileups as each man gets a chance to show his CW prowess in front of the video camera.

If you like pileups--you'll love the video!

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The 2006 DXpedition to Peter I Island - 3YX


Peter I Island, 275 miles off the west coast of Antarctica and south of most of the Antarctic bases, was one of the most wanted DXCC entities -- until twenty-one international ham operators plus a non-ham world traveler took on the daunting task of mounting the most costly DXpedition in history.

Considered by some to be the DXpedition of the Decade, this 3YX DVD brings the danger and excitement right into your living room.  See the helicopter flights, hear the howling storms and incessant wind, and struggle along with the team as they erect shelters and antennas.

Hear the huge pileups as heard from the bottom of the world at the bottom of the sunspot cycle.

Watch the daring rescue of a team member and three ship's crew members as they remove the last gear from the island.

All this in an hour-long drama.

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The 2002 DXpedition to South Sandwich and
South Georgia Islands - VP8THU/VP8GEO

The "unofficial" video of the first Penguins Microlite Dxpedition to S. Sandwich Islands and S. Georgia. Filmed, written and produced by Bob Allphin, K4UEE, edited by Ed Boutwell, W4ZSB

The concept of Microlite is "back to basics" i.e.: small radios, low power, small generators, vertical antennas, little advance notice, no pilots, website or on-line logs.

This lightly-equipped, twelve-man, international team operated first from Thule Island, S. Sandwich Islands, the location of a battle between the British and Argentine forces during the Falklands war.  The Island is populated only with millions of Chinstrap penguins and the remains of the Argentine base.

After making 26,698 contacts during their three-day, commando-like strike on Thule, they sailed on to S. Georgia Island.  This is where Sir Ernest Shackleton and two of his crew sailed seeking rescue for the crew of the Endeavor stranded on Elephant Island.  Shackleton's final resting place overlooks the old whaling station on Grytviken.

The team added another 40,000 radio contacts to their totals and knocked both S. Sandwich and S. Georgia out of the DXCC's top ten "most wanted" list.

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The 2002 DXpedition to Kingman Reef - K5K

    Kingman reef may be the DXCC's smallest DXCC entity.  It is a living reef, very small and very isolated -- about 1,000 miles SW of Hawaii.  This 450ft long, 40ft wide pile of shells and coral was home for this international team for ten days.

Despite a "heck of a storm", it was a most successful DXpedition.  80,839 radio contacts were made on 160 through 6 meters -- making this the third most productive effort in DXpedition history.

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The 2002 DXpedition to Burkina Faso - XT2DX

    Ten top CW/DXers/contesters gather for the 2002 CQWW CW Contest in Burkina Faso, West Africa.  Their mission is to seek "balance" -- the unique combination of good fun, exotic locations, great experiences, interesting people and significant contest results !

With antennas mounted high above Ouagadougou on the roof of the Splendide Hotel, the team competes all out -- the pileups are unbelievable!

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