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The K1N Navassa Island DXpedition DVD!

In 1961 we decided to send men to the moon -- and did it in eight years.

It took THIRTEEN years to get permission to visit Navassa Island.  During that time, Navassa climbed to the #1 Most Wanted DXCC Entity -- tens of thousands of hams worldwide weren't even licensed the last time Navassa Island was activated - in 1993.

The long road involved getting permission to visit from the US Fish and Wildlife Service because Navassa has been declared a National Wildlife Refuge.  The KP1-5 Project worked tirelessly to get permission to visit and, finally, a DXpedition was approved for February 2015.

The DVD shows the logistical challenge of moving fifteen operators and tons of gear to this small uninhabited island in the Caribbean.  It was hot work -- and expensive -- since the only practical way to get there was via helicopter.

This two-week effort paid off with 140,000 Qs and many, many all-time new ones for hams worldwide.  And that's a good thing because it will be at least ten years before Navassa will be on the air again!

This DVD belongs in your collection for sure!

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Approaching Amsterdam Island 2014

Welcome to my website! These pages will describe some of my experiences in what I believe is one of the most diverse and fun hobbies in today's world.  This is NOT my life story, and I am not going to talk about my parents, my education, my wonderful wife since 1967, my 33 year working career in the Securities business, my two great kids or my terrific four grandchildren.  This website is about my hobby and my adventures in traveling the world, visiting places that virtually no one ever sees.  The catalyst for these adventures is Amateur Radio (called "Ham Radio" by nearly everyone).  For a brief tutorial on what ham radio is all about, click HERE.

There are presently 340 places on the globe that have "country" status so far as ham radio is concerned.   Maybe 100 of them wouldn't sound like countries to non-hams but do qualify as countries to the hundreds of thousands of ham radio operators around the world.

A big part of the ham radio hobby is trying to establish contact with all 338 of them.  That's the good news.

The bad news is that no one lives in some of those "countries".  No one.  Even when the country is inhabited, there may be no one with a ham license living there.  On top of that, many of these countries are isolated and difficult to get to, or the current government doesn't allow its citizens to have a Ham radio.

Since many dedicated hams worldwide (called Dxers) want to accumulate contacts with as many countries as possible, it's necessary that a few hardy souls journey to these places, laden down with ham gear, tents, food and so forth in order to (briefly) put these countries "on the air" so other hams can get credit for contacting them.

I'm one of those "hardy souls" and these are my adventures.

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