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      help you learn how to get the computer to do what you want it to do
      fix hardware and software problems
      install high speed Internet access
      install a network in your home
      council you on a new computer purchase
      design a webpage for you

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    The home computer is now a fixture (practically an appliance) in the American home, much like a television or refrigerator.  The internet has brought the desire for one of these "windows on the world" to millions of households.

    Just about everybody's heard the advertising:

      Computers are easy to use!

      Anyone can do it!

      It's so easy to understand that no training is needed!

    And you bought the hype!!!

    But it turns out that it's NOT easy to understand and it's NOT easy to use and there's often NO ONE THERE to help you.

    Sometimes you really need a "computer guy" who you can call on for help -- and they're either non-existent, hard-to-find, too expensive -- or talk to you in what sounds like a foreign tongue comprised of bits, bytes and odd-sounding acronyms.  Sound familiar?  What can you do?

    I can help.  I've been helping people understand how to use computers (and that's very different from "understanding computers") for more than forty years.  I've spent more than forty years in the computer business including twenty+ years at IBM. I've owned, operated and was the chief scientist for my own software company -- I KNOW computers are difficult for the average person to use.  And I know that "understanding computers" is interesting to very few people compared to understanding how to USE the computer.

    Most home computer users are interested in surfing the web, sending and receiving email and (perhaps) doing some level of word processing.  Those three applications take up most of the time home users spend at the keyboard; well, there's playing computer games, but...).  And because Microsoft has been so successful in selling us all on the Windows® environment, learning how to use those things requires that you understand something about Windows® itself.

    But that's about it.  Usually just four things: web surfing, email, word processing and getting around in Windows®.  That's learnable.  By just about anyone.  You don't need to know how the computer works and how that email actually gets from your computer to someone across the country or around the world; you want to scream, "Just let me DO IT!!!!"

    So, learning how to use the computer for the things YOU want to use it for is something I can help you with.  (Email me by clicking ) or give me a ring at (770) 394-2663).  

    What else?

    Sometimes the darned things break; sometimes you get a computer "virus"; sometimes the thing just won't start.

    It's often difficult (some say "impossible") to figure out what to do when the computer "goes down".  I can help with that, too, and can help you get it repaired (if it turns out to be the equipment) and to get the software running again if that's the problem. (Email me by clicking or give me a ring at (770) 394-2663).   And, most often, it IS the software or its setup that has gone goofy on you.  I can help you with that and prevent you from getting ripped off.  If your computer breakdown is final, dead and gone, I can help you find the best deal on a new one, too. (Email me by clicking or give me a ring at (770) 394-2663).  

    The home computer arena is becoming more mature.  Now, many homes have a "broadband" connection to the internet.  You've heard words like "cable modem" and "DSL" and you've heard that these things can make your computer time on the internet fifty times faster than dial-up.  And that's true.  Really.  If broadband is available where you live (and that's pretty much everywhere today) you can, at reasonable cost, turn that internet web experience into a pleasure rather than a pain.  That's the good news.

    The bad news?  It's often difficult to get broadband working.  And, even if you do get it working, you may not know that you need a firewall and an anti-virus program to keep the bad guys out of your computer.  I can help.  (Email me by clicking or give me a ring at (770) 394-2663).  

    At the same time, many folks look up one day and find that, somehow, there's now more than one computer in the house!  If that's so, you probably should "network" them together so they can all share your broadband connection (if you have one) and/or your printer, hard disks and other devices.  All versions of Windows® can network and it's not expensive.  You can even network your machines without wires; you can sit out on the deck and surf the net from a laptop with no wires at all!  Really!  But, as you might expect by now, it isn't always easy to get that working, either.  I can help.(Email me by clicking or give me a ring at (770) 394-2663).  

    And, finally, I find that practically no one is doing what the computer industry calls "backup".  Making a backup is saving a copy of your important (maybe irreplaceable) information on some kind of external media so, in case the computer fails, you haven't "lost everything."  I find that there are some folks actually peforming some sort of backup ritual, but nearly no one does it properlyI can help. Click HERE to read about Backup or (Email me by clicking or give me a ring at (77) 394-2663).

    You've probably noticed that I've highlighted the phrase "I can help" throughout this page.  My services are all about helping you make the best use of your computer.  I can be your "computer guy".  (Email me by clicking or give me a ring at (770) 394-2663).  

    Oh, and by the way, if you want your own website I can help with that, too.  Just click HERE to learn more about that!

    Drop me an email (by clicking ) or give me a ring at (770) 394-2663 if you think I can help;

    I KNOW I can!

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