The North Georgia Chapter of 10-10 International

To join the North Georgia Chapter (and to qualify for the optional New South Award certificate), all you have to do is work TWO members of the North Georgia Chapter.

Email your name, address, callsign, email address and 10-X number along with the list of callsigns, 10-X numbers, New South Award numbers and QSO date info to me by clicking or by snail-mail here:

    Chaz Cone, W4GKF
    6900 Hunters Knls NE
    Atlanta, GA 30328-1763

..and I'll assign you your New South Number.

The New South Award certificate is entirely optional; you'll get your New South Award number whether or not you choose to order your certificate.

The New South Award is 8.5" x 11" and is in full color suitable for framing: