Pictures and Short Stories

    These are short stories & pictures that are a great part of our lives and deserve recognition.

    You all most likely know about our daughter, Sarah.  Well, here are some pictures from her life:

    This is her home.  As you can see she has plenty of grass to mow

    ..  and a lot of that "Funny White Stuff":

    After mowing or shoveling one tends to get tired:

    This is Sarah's one-and-only real pal "Milly":

    You know she is always ready to take one of the "C5s" for a spin:

    She also has a 1983 Chrysler Le Baron convertible that was my Dad's to use if she so desires:

    Here is a little tale about our friend Billy.  Bill is a real fun guy and really does not know too much about mechanical things.  However, I convinced him to try ZAINO on his car and we got together on a Saturday morning.   I was very surprised with the results:

    Billy manages to become more knowledgeable about mechanical things by attending all the seminars he can at the NCM. Like this one last Labor Day..

    He even cleans up really well!

    We had Franz & Maria Rooze come over from Holland and stay with us for a few days, so we had a small get together.

    In 2003 Jackie & I went on the first annual NCM Cruise to the Islands.  Here are a very few pictures of our trip:

    Gary & Debbie Lathrop:

    Wendell & Jan Strode:

    We were off to the Biltmore estate and here we are:

    Jeff & I only look lost:

    In November 2003, Jackie & I took some of our Tampa Bay Vettes club members over to Sebring Raceway to have lunch and watch the Pratt Miller team unload and work on the C5R race car.  We arrived with a great amount of enthusiasm:

    ..  had a delicious lunch at the Chateau Élan:

    ..  with Oliver Gavin and Doug Fehan:

    From there it was off to get up close and personal with the cars:

    Ron Fellows was available to sign hoods:

    ..  shirts:

    ..  and Oliver Gavin gets a little "helping hand" from Trish Crabb:

    ..  and Ron even signed a few hats for us to auction off:

    Who says that racing doesn't bring folks closer together?

    Buzz lets Gary Pratt in on a secret of some sort:

    Lets see which one goes fastest!

    If we win then we can travel in style:

    I'm not sure why I put this in, but even older people have to have some fun.  This was a small rest area in France:

    Here is our investment person finding out just why we don't have as much in the account now as we had before.  At least he's smiling:

    Here are two old friends from Connecticut Rocky & John Mylek:

    This is Cortney Mull, a daughter of a friend from high school.  Oh to be a kid again!

    What would a story about us be without TOMMY.  You can see more about him on Tommy Day.  However he does love Muckee hot dogs:

    ..  CHAMP Racing:

    ..  his Mom:

    ..  and flowers:

    Speaking of flowers, sometimes even I get it right:

    Here's one of our most wonderful friends, Laura Jensen:

    Don't I look cool next to the real Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman?

    This is Jackie's little sister Lauren along with her husband Jim and daughter, Audra at Audra's graduation:

    I tried to place a caption on this one, but sometimes "a picture is worth a thousand words":

    It's good to see old friends

    We have many friends, but few that have been with us for all of our life together.  One set of these friends are Joel & Eva Irvine now located in South Carolina.  Eva came down to St. Petersburg for vacation with one of her girlfriends for a "girl's week away."  She called Jackie & me hoping we could get together for lunch.  Well, the Irvine's have a beautiful home so I guess we expected the girls to be in a very posh place.  After getting the address, putting it into out Garmin, it was off to the beach.  We arrived at the Corral Reef condos and were a little surprised:

    Oh well, we would have a good time no matter what.  Eva came to greet us:

    ..and introduced us to her friend Susan.  We have to say that the place was a little bit less than we had anticipated:

    Here are the girls in front of the Tiki Hut!  We went out to lunch, returned to the condo, which was not at all like the outside, and spent that afternoon reliving old times:

    Then it was off to dinner and we ended the night and returned home.  I guess one really doesn't realize how much you miss old friends until you see them again.

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