Lime Rock Park - New England Grand Prix 2005

Let's go to Rock/Paper/Scissors for the winner..

Sunday is an off day for the racing teams.  Connecticut has a blue law (or the town does) that won't allow racing on Sundays.  So the Lime Rock Park does a Corvette Car Show along with a picnic lunch for those who had made previous arrangements.  This made things a bit confusing as tickets weren't clearly marked to let us at the corral know what each person was entitled to.  We feel that will be rectified in the future.  I know that my team of volunteers tried their best to accommodate all, and keep all happy.  After all, we were all there for a good time.  So if any of you out there who happened to have gotten caught up in the ticket confusion were upset, our deepest apologies.  We tried our best and I think my team did succeed in keeping 'most everyone happy.

Our program started with opening comments from me on behalf of the NCM, Larry Hayes on behalf of IMSA, and Dave Bright, founder of the ZR-1 Net Registry:

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