The Berry's Corvette Collection

May, 2003

    Our friends, Rick and Linda Berry invited us and our daughter, Sarah, to their daughter, Kathy's college graduation. We arrived in Delaware on Saturday afternoon and met them and other family members for a lovely dinner at Roma's. The food, conversation, and company were wonderful.

    Sunday was kind of a dreary day, cool and drizzly. Our hearts went out to Kathy and all her classmates as the weather didn't improve and graduation was outside:

    After the ceremonies all were invited back to Rick and Linda's for a picnic:

    Once again, great food and conversation were had with old and new acquaintances:

    Sarah, who almost always has a camera with her, took the following pictures of the Berry's unbelievable collection.

    We hope you enjoy them in pictures as much as we did seeing the collection in person. It's obvious that many years and hours were put into the assembling of the memorabilia, not to mention their love of Corvettes:

    Rotating view of room:

    Club Trophies from the 50's:

    Now to the Big Boy's Toys:

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