63 - 67 Sting Ray Registry  



Welcome to the 63-67 Corvette Sting Ray Registry!

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    Organized and approved by GM in November 1997, the 63-67 Sting Ray Registry's purpose is to maintain a centralized database and to promote the Mid-Year Corvette.

    Free Membership: The 63-67 Sting Ray Registry is open to any person owning a 63-67 Corvette. Your 63-67 Corvette(s) will be added into the Registry Database, the heart of the Registry. Becoming a member will allow you to park your mid-year Corvette in the Registry corral at large national Corvette shows and participate in local 63-67 Sting Ray Registry caravans/shows/displays as organized.

    When registering remember to fill in your e-mail address so we can advise you of your membership number. E-mail and our website will be our lines of communication.

    Membership is open to any person, business, or company with a love affair with the ULTIMATE DREAM CAR.

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    The 63-67 Sting Ray Registry is a nonprofit corporation.  It is not affiliated with any other owners' group, car club or registry. 


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