63-67 Sting Ray Registry

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    Membership in the 63-67 Sting Ray Registry is FREE to owners of 1963-1967 Corvettes.

    ALL information on this form is treated confidentially by the Registry.  No member information is released to other Registry members or outside vendors.  It is held ONLY in the private Registry database maintained by Dennis and Cindy Manire.

    If you have more than one mid-year Corvette you should submit a form for each one.

    NOTE: Remember to notify us if your address/phone/e-mail address changes as this is our only means of communication. Also, please let us know if you sell your car and if you could provide us with the name and address of the new owner. We will contact them so they'll know about the Registry. Thanks!

    Fill in completely!!

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    Describe your 1963-1967 Corvette by selecting one item from each of the following sets of choices.  If your Corvette has been customized with non-stock paint, interior or engine you'll find an "OTHER" choice in each of the dropdown lists below.

    If you choose "OTHER" anywhere, describe those features in the Comments box.

    Year Body style Exterior Color Interior Color C.I.D./HP Transmission

    Vehicle Identification Number (VIN#)   

    Feel free to add any comments (or describe additional 63-67 Corvettes you own) below:

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