My 1953 Commemorative Edition Corvette Story


Jim Thoren, Brooklyn Park, MN

    The story of my ordering a 53CE is a little different.  I placed it because I was angry at Chevrolet. Why was I angry? Here's that story (short form)...  and it starts a while ago!

    Nov. 27, 2001 - GM was showing off the SSR Concept Truck, so I went to a local dealer and put money down.  I was told it may be available "SUMMER 2002".

    March 12, 2002 - Attended the local "new car show" and went to the Chevrolet Display area.  Inquired, and was shocked to hear "THIS TIME NEXT YEAR".  April 2003 is not Summer of 2002...

    Fall 2002 - Called local dealer to ask for any updates.  Told early 2003.

    Winter 2002 - Called & told same as above...

    Winter 2002/03 - Someone at work brought in a magazine with a photo of the 53CE.  I was most impressed, but have a SSR I'll be getting soon (right).

    March 9, 2003 - Attended to local "new car show" and went to the Chevrolet Display area.  Inquired, and was told Summer (July?) 2003.  I'm not as happy.

    March 25, 2003 - Received a call from my local dealer.  Informed me I had "moved up the list" (was #6, now #4).  He says " we actually have a release schedule now, and you (me) will be getting the 4th SSR that the dealership receives.  That should be in April 2004"...  I'm not happy at all.

    March 25,2003 - About 15 minutes later!  I ask around work, about the picture one of the guys here printed of the 53CE, from this exact web site.  We find it.  I call Steve and quiz him.  Cool.

    March 25/26 - I search the internet for a donor car.  Steve Sr. looks at one for me (in Detroit).  It's not the car to use.  A message I had left at a Detroit Chevy dealer is returned.  They have a triple black 2001 Convert.  What do I do?

    March 27 - I overnight money to the Chevy dealer, and I ask Steve for a contract.  Let's do it!

    March 31 - I overnight money & signed contract to Steve, and the car is delivered to him at AAT that day!

    That was a fun week...  I wanted a new toy.  I wanted it last Summer.  I for sure wanted it this Summer.  GM takes money in Nov 2001 and can't deliver until April 2004 (and why should I believe that date).  It takes a while for AAT to build these, and they may be off in expected delivery times sometime, but years? I'm still angry at GM, but hope to be smiling soon because of Steve & AAT.

    June 2003 - I should be having the time of my life!  ( April 2004? )

    I'll let you know when I get it!

    Watch this space!

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