Marshall Smith - Plymouth, MN

      I found this 53/03 Commemorative at West Coast Corvettes in May of 2012.  Dealer had it shipped to the Michigan factory and then shipped to him for a show piece.  A west coast corvette dealer bought it from Mark Drucker and he put 3848 miles on it.   WEST COAST CORVETTE then put it on their showroom floor.

      I bought the car with 3848 miles on it in May of 2012 and flew out on August 7, 2012 to drive it to Minnesota where I will keep it until December and then I will drive it to Ft. Myers ,FL for the winter.   My friend Jim Thoren is now on his second one which is red (his first one was white).

      I am a Ford man through and through but this car caught my eye, and it will look good next to my Shelby GT 500 convertible which is GRABBER ORANGE with a BLACK TOP, my '64 427 CYCLONE and '62 GRABBER ORANGE RANCHERO.

      Watch this space!