Our 1953-2003 Commemorative Edition Corvette Story


Maryellen & Ron Schmitt - New Rochelle, New York

    Our car is #111.  When we got the car we lived in Las Vegas; now we live in New Rochelle, New York.  We sent AAT a 1999 Black, tan top & interior in December 2004 to be redone; we are expecting the car back in early March.

    Here are pix of the supercharger installation; more updates as they become available:

    We did the AAT Red interior, however we had the seats custom with a white border & the center console covered with red top, white sides and the 50th decal embroidered on it.  Take a look..

    Here are a couple of pix of our car all decked out for the Nevada Open Road Race before moving from Nevada to New York.  We raced in the 120 mph class with a tech speed of 140, we came in third after running out of go juice with 1/2 mile to go; don't trust that fuel gauge, it lies!  With the supercharger, at 140 mph, it only gets eight miles to the gallon.

    I also took it to Englishtown Drag Strip, couldn't hook it up but still turned 13.3 @ 109 mph.  I will post more when I put some decent race tires on!!

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