Our 1953 Commemorative Edition Corvette Story


John & Bev Pribicevich, New Zealand

    John and Bev have been in the US since May 20th to begin the process of picking up their 53CE#78.  Today is July 13th and they still aren't driving it! I'll let John and Bev fill in their story when they have a chance but at this writing the car is waiting for them in Fort Lupton, CO while they are visiting in Atlanta.  It's a long story...

    Here are photos of #79 in process:

      The CE is finally in its new home in New Zealand!  Here are John's words about the project:

      Okay.  For us in this upside-down place to buy a new car in America we have to have an American address, then own and drive the vehicle for 90 days in the US in order to be able ship the car home and keep it left-hand drive.

      But, when we arrived in America, the car was two weeks late so we spent 105 days touring.  We visited twenty-three States and met lots of nice people.

      Note from Chaz: Here a couple of John and Bev when they visited with us in Atlanta before picking up the CE in Colorado:

      Drama's not over yet, though.  When the ship carrying our container arrived here in Auckland, the dock workers were on strike so the ship was diverted to Wellington at the bottom of the North Island.  We then had to put the container on a train and rail it back up to Auckland (about 500 miles) at our cost.  Then the task of certifying and registration for our roads -- a small cost of $775.00.

      Finally we are cruising in New Zealand in our 2004 CE with lots of looks and thumbs up of approval.

      Here are some pics of the delivery:

      PS went on our 1st club run last Sunday the car was a huge hit!  Everybody loved it!

      March 5, 2005

      Have been down to the bottom of the South Island to our Corvette convention.  Car was a big hit; we won Vetters choice. There were 82 cars there. These photos show the CE and the '96 we used to own:

      March 26-27, 2005

      The first car show named "2 Hot 2 Handle" sponserd by Mothers polish was held in NZ Easter week end.  We took 1st for gals peoples choice & 1st for guys peoples choice which gave us two trophies and two car polishers:

      Chip Foose was over from the USA he handed me the trophys.  The other photo shows the board we made up for the dislay:

      Here are a couple of publications from New Zealand featuring our 53CE:

      On the occasion of John's 60th birthday, he brought the "scuderia" out:

      December 2006

      Parked by lake Rotoiti in South Island while on our run down south:

      Every year, a winter run is held at Lake Taupo located in the middle of the North Island.

      The main feature for the run is a racing track the club hires.  Friday is registration and BBQ, Saturday racing then Dine & Dance.  Sunday Lunch and Prize giving, this year the theme was Wild West.

      We won best C5 with our CE:

    Watch this space!

    ...John & Bev Pribicevich

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