Our 1953 Commemorative Edition Corvette Story


Buzz & Jackie Nielsen, Lithia, FL

    While attending the Monterey del Oro Corvette celebration in August,2002, we saw (up close and personal) the 1953 Commemorative Edition Corvette.  It was awesome.  We'd heard that this project, begun severa.   years ago by Magna-Steyr in Europe, had been shelved and were surprised (most pleasantly) to see that the car was "for real".

    The car shown there was the sixth one built and was owned by Ted Springstead.  Ted had the car delivered to him in Monterey (Ted's from Washington State).  It was simply beautiful:

    Friends Chaz and Gae.   Cone also flipped out over this car so we both set out to find out if we could own one.  We contacted Steve Pasteiner at Advanced Automotive Technologies and learned that he was building a limited edition group of these cars. We signed up on the spot!

    This is the story of our 53CE project:

      The Pickup

      The Process

      The Shipment

      First Look

      The Delivery


      Shows and such

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