Our 1953 Commemorative Edition Corvette Story


Tad & Sue Leach - Coeur d'Alene, ID

    Here's the 1:24 model of our CE made by Scale Visions of our CE:

    My story goes like this:  I have two old Buicks and was looking up information on the Buick Blackhawk; Steve Pasteiner built that, too.  I opened his web site and saw the '53-'03 Commemorative and loved it.  I've never had a Vette.  I was thinking about one as a surprise for my wife Sue.

    I had talked myself out of it since I didn't know if she would like it and it's a hell of a lot of money to spend for something that you don't know will fly!

    Shortly thereafter we took our '59 Electra 225 convertible to Hot August Nights in Reno and as we were entering the Reno Hilton parking lot a real '53 was coming out.  Sue said about how that was much cooler than the new ones and had the classic styling.  The rest is history.

    She didn't have the foggiest idea what I was up to and didn't even know that they made the 53CE.  It was delivered in February of 2007 and I had two of my sons and a friend lure her outside, where I drove up in it.  She still didn't understand until I exited the car.  The license plate was extra brownie points.

    We now drive the car everywhere and take it to some shows, where it's won a number of "Peoples Choice" Awards.

    ...Tad & Sue Leach

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