Bob Kitts - Albuquerque, New Mexico

      Bob's car is in Pennant Blue, a color only available on the 1954 and 1955 Corvette.  Here are some work in progress photos of Bob's car at the AAT shop:

      And here's Bob's story:

      In the fall of 1953 I went with my Dad, who was buying a new pickup truck, to Oden Chevrolet in Albuquerque.   The “54” models had arrived and my Dad knew how much I liked cars.   I prided myself on knowing just about every make and model currently in use...   Tom McCahill kept me posted through his car testing articles. The new trucks out on the lot were nice with their “Elephant Nose” front end and one piece curved windshield:

      However, my heart started racing when we walked into the showroom.   There in the spotlight was a 1954 Pennant Blue Corvette with a beige top and interior:

      I thought that it was the most beautiful car that had ever been built.   I coveted this car.   I dreamed about having one when I was old enough to drive legally.

      Like most 13-year-olds, I found life had other roads for me to travel.   Finishing my education, getting married, raising a family and starting a business, kept the Corvette on the back burner, but always in my dreams.

      Over the years I missed several opportunities to pick up an early Vette and did buy a wreck of a '55 model in the early 80’s that turned out to be missing many parts that could not be located at that time.   I sold it and continued the hunt.   I had other “Toys” but didn’t feel fulfilled.

      Then, in 2003, I read an article on the 53 Commemorative Editions, being built by the Pasteiners, and I called Steve and had a nice visit with him.   He explained everything in detail and sent me a CD and some brochures.   I then started my search for a suitable donor car but got waylaid by a heart problem in 2004.   This lady in a blue dress and beige hat was very elusive.

      I started the search again in 2006 and found a beautiful donor with low mileage at Corvette Palace in Austin which I bought in February of 2007.

      I drove the car through the summer to make sure it was what I wanted.   After making arrangements with Steve and Steven to do the work while I was traveling out of the country, my son and I delivered the car to Rochester Hills the week after Thanksgiving.   It was returned to me by motor transport and I have been showing off to fans ever since.

      I am a hero to young boys who are into cars, and have posed the car several times for impromptu “Photo Shoots” with cell phone cameras.   I get a “Thumbs-up” from Corvettes, European Sports cars, Antique cars, Low Riders, Tricked Trucks and the general population.   I have had people try to talk to me at stoplights and follow me to my next stop to ask questions.   I have had marriage proposals from beautiful women and had a fellow in a Viper unabashedly drooling with envy.   My 88-year-old Mom likes to go riding in it, but she likes me to drive by where her friends are dining so she can wave at them.  My wife loves it and has even joined the Corvette Club with me.

      Is it worth it?!!............... Well, Hell Yeah it is!!!!!

    And here, with the new vanity plate:

      Watch this space!