My 1953 Commemorative Edition Corvette Story


Tom Kampas, Redondo Beach, California

    After owning 53CE #49 for a while I decided I would like another one built.  So the search for another donor car started all over again!

    Luck would have it that I found a 2000 black/oak/black car with only 2,290 miles on it out in Arizona.  The car belonged to a nice elderly lady who only drove it on weekends and decided it had too much horsepower fo her. ("So did I")!

    She thought a nice new 2003 Cadillac convertible would suit her much better.  ("Me too")!

    So out came the checkbook again and the car was soon mine.  Then OFF IT WENT to you-know-who!

    Since the cars look so good in black I decided to do this one the stock black with tan leather.  The BORLA exhaust was a must for the sound, plus the COLORADO CUSTOM WHEELS for that retro look for show.

    ...HERE IT IS...Car #72 finished

    ...Tom Kampas

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