Our 1953 Commemorative Edition Corvette Story


Tom & Chris Henry - Winter Park, FL

    My wife Chris has a 1967 Corvette and I have fourteen Model T Fords.  My 50th class reunion in this year 2006 in Ohio and I thought I would like to drive an old Corvette when I attend.  So my son Tim and I flew to Ohio and visted Pro Team a dealer in older Corvettes.  They had several 1956 my class year, the only problem was I couldn't fit into one as I'm bigger now than I was in 1956!

    After returning back to Florida an employee of mine who drives a 1992 Corvette showed me an ad about the CE.  I then inqured and found a 1998 Corvette on the internet in New York which was used as the CE.  They (AAT) did a beautiful job.  I couldn't be more pleased, they are wonderful people to deal with, FIRST CLASS!  Now in October I will have a Corvette that I not only fit in, but unlike the 1956, I have air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, etc., etc....  When my wife and I drive around Winter Park (Orlando area) people follow us to look at the car, its like a one-car parade!!

    We also a have a license plate "53 My Way" as I saw another person had.  It's a great car!


    Watch this space!

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