Our 1953-2003 Commemorative Edition Corvette Story


Al and Lorraine Harris - Ferndale, WA

    Our names are Allan and Lorraine Harris and our collection includes, in addition to our donor 'Vette (soon to be CE), a 1965 Corvette roadster, Brandywine over Gold paint, original engine (slightly modified) and a 1966 Chevelle SS396, Marina Blue paint, 396/375hp engine.  We live in Ferndale, WA.

    Our donor 'Vette, a 1999 pewter convertible, fully loaded, was delivered to AAT where we met Steve Jr., his wife Susie and crew (all wonderful people).  Great experience; see photos below.

    After several weeks of searching with too many disappointments to enumerate, we found our low-mileage (only 9800 miles!) donor car sitting on the showroom floor at a Chrysler dealership in Auburn, WA.  It turned out that the owner is something of a car collector, the 'Vette belonged to a friend of his and was not to be driven or even started without permission.  All it took was a $5,000 deposit and we were able to test drive it so we went to lunch nearby and drove it around a little.  Everything seemed to function perfectly and it looked pristine so we bought it right on the spot and drove it 130 miles to our home.

    We contacted Steve (Jr. & Sr.) to let them know we had found our donor vehicle and to expect us sometime in September or October.  We wanted to drive the 'Vette for a while, have it gone through thoroughly by a reputable mechanic (our son) and have the wheels chromed before we drove it back to AAT.

    We left for AAT on the 24th of September driving through the states of Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota (visited Mt. Rushmore), Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and, finally, Michigan.  The C5 performed flawlessly and the eight-way lumbar seats made the trip very comfortable.  We played with all the settings on the suspension and really enjoyed the "heads ups" display.  We cruised along I-90 in Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota at sometimes over 80 mph and still averaged almost 28 mpg for the trip.  The only annoying thing about these cars is the headlights tend to "pop up" whenever you go into a darker area (i.e. a hotel covered entry or a garage) but, of course that is the one thing that will not be able to happen when the conversion is done!  Yay!  Steve Jr. assured us that all the other "extras" will work fine.

    After checking in with Steve Jr. on the 28th and visiting the AAT crew on the 29th, we took a little side trip to Ohio to visit friends and relatives returning to AAT on October 3.  Steve Jr. was gracious enough to drive us to the airport where we flew back home to wait.

    This was taken before we left for AAT...

    Steve Jr. getting his wife's CE down for us to try out...

    Here we are in Susie's CE and loving it!

Up in the Cascades near Mt. Baker - Mt. Shuksan in the background.

Up in the Okanagan wine country of British Columbia near the little town of Oliver (it was too hot to put the top down!)

Had to get a photo of our CE in our driveway with the top down!

    August 5-6, 2006

    Here is our #124 alongside Ted Springtead's #6 at the B. C. Corvette Club event, "Thunder in the Mountains", in Whistler, British Columbia, August 5-6th:

Watch this space!

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