Rich Harley - Sonora, California


      • 1969 (Age 17) - 1st car was a used 1964 white Mercury Monterey convertible with red interior, not a Corvette.
      • 1970 (Age 18) - 1st muscle car was a 1968 Mercury Cyclone GT. At the price of gas I didn't keep it long.
      • 1972 (Age 20) - 1st new car was a 1972 Toyota Celica that I ended up driving 165,000 miles.
      • 1986 (Age 34) - 1st luxury car was a 1986 Cadillac Deville. I had to have a sunroof specially installed.
      • 1990 (Age 38) - 1st truck was a 1990 Chevy Stepside.
      • 1994 (Age 42) - 1st boat was a 19' Mastercraft. Of course all of these are naturally convertible.
      • 1994 (Age 42) - 1st SUV was a 1994 Chevy Tahoe (to pull the boat).

      • and

      2004 (Age 52) - 1st real car is a 1953CE

      I had been considering buying a new Cadillac XLR.  However, near the end of February 2004, Stu Brokowsky #58 received his CE and invited me to come and see it.  I drove down and immediately fell in love with the car.  All thoughts of a new Cadillac convertible were completely forgotten.  Within a few days, I found a donor car and signed a contract with Steve at AAT to build one for me.  The wait was six very long months but well worth it.  I received my car on Labor Day - what a holiday!  Exactly one year to the day after seeing Stu's #58, I returned with my car and we took several of these pictures (the Silver CE is Stu's).