Our 1953 Commemorative Edition Corvette Story


George & Mary Haile, Boeme, TX

    I heard about the conversion several years ago.   A friend went to a show in Utah and saw the first car.   Over the years I have seen pictures and heard stories but had never seen the real product.   A good friend wanted to build a C1 with a newer suspension and I told him to look for the company building the '53 conversion.   He couldn't find anything so I did a search on the internet and found the 50th Commemorative Web Site.   Well, I quit trying to get him to do it and called about them building my CE using my Torch '98 convertible.

    The first car I saw was Chaz & Gael's CE in Bowling Green during the Corvette 50th Anniversary celebration.   We left early and delivered the '98 to AAT at 8AM Monday morning, June 30th; so our project began on the 50th Anniversary of the first Corvette coming off the line in Flint. Here's our donor C5 on the track at Texas Motor Speedway:

    We picked up THE CAR Tuesday..

    ..  and drove To Eureka Springs, Arkansas for a show.

    Six Hundred Sixty-Six cars competed and we picked up Best in Show!

    Watch this space!

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