My 1953 Commemorative Edition Corvette Story


Bud & Caryl Grutza - Highland Park, IL

    2003 was our 50th wedding anniversary.  We purchased a 25th anniversary car in '78; that car has 13,000 miles on it at this time.  Since we had the 25th we had to buy a 50th as a stablemate.  We put our money down on our 50th Anniversary car as soon as orders were being taken.  These two cars reside in Highland Park, IL year round.

    The kids told us since we had the 25th and 50th we needed a '53 to round out a set.  Although never giving this much consideration it just so happened a few months later that we saw a Commemorative car in Naples, FL.  The owner of this unusual Commemorative Edition turned out to be a friend of my son, Ed Schoenthaler owner of Crossroads Chevrolet.  Ed is involved in the Antique Automobile Club of America and a collector of fine classic cars and participates in many AACA antique automobile shows.  As it would turn out, Ed and his wife Judy winter near us in Naples also.  I am not sure how Ed came about this car but being a car dealer he just could not pass up a sale!  Especially to a friend.

    Caryl and I use the Commemorative Edition car for shows and parades.  This is a picture of ours with a friend's '54:

    We spend our summers in the northern suburbs of Chicago and the car is shipped south to us for the winters in Naples FL.

    Here's a picture of my car from the AACA Lake Forest Show last summer:

    Watch this space!

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