Mo Glunt & Elaine King - Johns Island SC

      Welcome to our Story!

      NOTE: Our Corvette is for sale; click HERE for information.

      Past History - 1962 Vette

      When Mo got out of the service in 1964, he purchased his first 1962, Honduras Maroon Vette, convertible.  He had the '62 for two years and after running the wheels off of it, sold it and bought a truck.  As with all sad car stories, years later the "I wish I had kept my '62 Vette was heard far and wide.  On a whim, we looked on the Internet in 1998 and found a beautiful 1962, Honduras, convertible, just like Mo's original one.  After many conversations with the second owner, we purchased one-way tickets to Dallas and drove our new prize home to Johns Island, South Carolina.

      Corvettes at Carlisle in 2002 and 2003

      Our special '62 Vette won a sponsor's award from the National Corvette Restoration Society - Delaware Valley Chapter in 2002.

      This show was our introduction and in-person viewing of the #8 '53 2003 CE' owned by Maureen and Rich.  It was love at first sight.  We talked with these special car-people, took many photos and were just mesmerized with this awesome creation.

      In 2003, we saw the #8 car again and were just as enthralled as the year before.  But, this time --------- we said we must get one.  Upon our return home to South Carolina, the search was on.

      Sacrifice Car - 1962 Vette

      Much to everyone's surprise, we decided to sell our 1962, Honduras Maroon Vette.  It was a beautiful, popular, and prize winning original but not a true "on the road driver".  It was sold to a gentleman in Paris, France who has a collection of exotic cars and was looking for an original Corvette of this era.  And off it went, by ship in a container, to its new owner.

      Donor Car

      It was back on the Internet to find our "donor" Vette.  Since we both work full-time, we were limited to an evening search.  Our search spread to friends, car dealers, and other car crazy people.  We found our C5 donor car - white on white with red and black interior.  Just what we wanted.  After being delivered, we drove it a few times and then had it shipped to Steve to work his magic in Detroit at Advanced Automotive Technologies.


      We kept the white exterior but made a few small enhancements to the interior.  The console lid, steering wheel, and door pulls are now red and black instead of all black.  A white accent decal was added to the steering wheel center logo and glove box.  Red piping trim enhances the console.  Chrome five-spoke wheels, red engine fuel rail covers, and a gold 50th anniversary logo on each side were added.  A black top will replace the original white one in the near future.

      Thank you Steve for your signature under the hood.

      March 5th, 2004 - Delivery Date

      Left to right: Steve Pasteiner, Steve Pasteiner, Jr.  and Mo

      We were off again with one-way airline tickets to pick a new car but this time in Detroit.  After a delightful day with Steve Sr., Jr., and the Wallers, it was time to say good-bye and drive our beautiful new 53CE back to South Carolina.  We were only stopped once for speeding (the officer was much more interested in the car than the verbal warning).  We were also stopped numerous times by admirers with "THE" question .  .  .  What is it?

      License Plate

      This is the only 53CE that has been made without a front license plate holder.

      Life in Charleston/Johns Island, South Carolina

      It is now July 2004.  The car is so much fun.  People are so interested, fascinated, and intrigued by the design of this unique, gorgeous, outrageous, exquisite creation.  We have been to numerous local and out of state car shows bringing home trophies and cash awards.

      Our local evening paper is in the process of assembling an article with our story and pictures about "The new car in town".

      Sites around Charleston

      Mo by the Inter-coastal Waterway

      House on "The Battery"

      Waterfront Park fountain

      House used in the movie "North and South"

      Colonial Lake

      House on "The Battery"

      White Point Garden

      View from Charleston Harbor - "California Dreamin" in the background
      We had dinner at this restaurant while Steve Sr.  and his wife were visiting in Charleston.

      Our thanks to Steve Pasteiner Sr., Steve Jr. and all of the Staff for a great job and experience!

      Life is great fun - heaven on wheels.