Reggie Gauthier - Millbury, Massachusetts

      Here are some photos of Reggie's CE:

      This is the first in Roman Red!  This color was only offered on the 1959-1962 Corvette..

    #166 COMES HOME

      "WOW"!  There sure was a lot of excitement when "I" rolled into my garage.

      (I'M a "53-CE").  My older Brother (a "59" Roman Red Vette) and older Sister (a "67" Marina Blue Vette) along with my other Sibling (an "04" Indy 500 Commemorative Festival Corvette) were all tooting their horns, flashing their lights and revving their engines as ("I the 53-CE") took my place in the garage.  They were all happy I was once again back home and anxious to see my new "Make-Over".

      It was February 27, 2008 (two days after my Dad's Birthday "Wow" what a present for him) when I arrived home to be with my brothers and sister.  The trip wasn't so great, as I had to endure snow, rain, sleet and ice (but my transport guy kept me warm and dry inside his big rig).  It sure feels good to be back home in Massachusetts.

      I was born in 2004, as a LeMans Blue Commemorative Corvette and had a Shale interior and roof with 12,000 miles.  I am now a "53-CE" Roman Red" with my same Shale interior and convertible roof, but with new rotors, valve covers and CE floor mats.  I am also now known as "#166".  Thanks to ALL the people at "AAT", especially Steven & Steve Pasteiner they are real Professionals, they treated me like I was their own.  Making sure the quality and workmanship that went into me was done to perfection and it sure was.  Everyone just loves my new Make-Over.

      Dad first saw a "53-CE" at Corvettes of Carlisle a few years back, and really fell in love with it.  The car belonged to a friend Rich #8 who lived in Michigan.  No one seemed to know anything about this Special "1953-CE" car in Massachusetts, until one day at a Car Show he met Bob (#43) and Rich #27 with their "53-CE's".  He couldn't believe the quality and workmanship that went into these beautiful cars.  That's when his "Dream Started", that ONE day he would also own a "1953-CE", and that day has "Finally Arrived".

      I just can't wait to take Dad (and Mom too) out for a ride (weather permitting, of course) to show them how great I really am.  Although I've been told by my friends at "AAT" to be prepared as crowds of people will gather around just to see me (I will have to make sure I'm always cleaned and polished- that's Dad's job).  I've been told I'm only the "Second One in Massachusetts", but I am looking forward to meeting all my other "53-CE" Friends sooner or later on the open roads.

      Watch this space!